Feature Inspection For Tech-Powered Business Vehicle Fleets

5 August 2017
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The standard vehicle covers general performance and quality of life concerns for features available in all vehicles. This includes checking vehicle fluids, engine response, dashboard indicators and brakes, but it doesn't include specific technology that only a few businesses may include. To understand what could be missed, here are a few high-tech inspection points to keep in mind as you search for a reliable fleet maintenance service.

In-Vehicle Networking

Many modern vehicles come with a wireless internet option to aid in communications and productivity on the road. Instead of leaving a small wireless network device to be knocked around the dashboard and seats, built-in networking allows a more stable set of working conditions.

Unfortunately, networking isn't always a guaranteed skill in the standard mechanic shop. You'll need someone with at least an entry level knowledge of networking, and although that's actually an increasingly common skill in today's workforce, you still need to ask for the skill specifically.

To test the networking yourself, connecting to the internet is only the start. A set of speed and consistency tests at places such as DSLReports.com can help you test the general speed while figuring out if the system is disconnecting. Information is only part of the equation; how can you guarantee a fix during maintenance instead of tracking down specialists on your own?

Test your fleet maintenance team for not only their ability to check the vehicle's general performance, but whether they can wipe a reconfigure your network. This comes with a cost, as some personalized settings will be lost during a full wipe, but it's worth knowing that you can trust the maintenance team as long as the test is done early in the business relationship.

Mounting Docks And Charging Stations

Does your business need mounts for hands-free operation? Are you managing a police precinct, weather monitoring team, news group, or any company that needs to mount mobile or semi-mobile devices? Keep in mind that these mounts can break because of vehicle motion.

Many in-vehicle mounts are designed to withstand the constant vibration and possible bumpy rides that come with driving, but they won't last long without maintenance. Even if the material used for the actual mount or harness stays together, the screws or locking mechanisms may rattle loose over time.

Be sure that a fleet maintenance inspection turns its attention to these mounts. In addition to the mounts, charging stations can widen and scrape away if devices are plugged in during driving. Chargers and charger ports fail often enough from people connecting their devices too roughly. If you know someone who seems to go through charges too quickly, it's likely because their forceful charger connecting is bending pins. The same thing can happen to in-vehicle chargers.

Contact a fleet vehicle maintenance professional, like Momentum fleet Services, to discuss other tech inspection points to keep the less common parts of your vehicle in great shape.