Simple And Effective Small Dent Repair For Your Car

23 August 2021
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In the past, if your car had several minor dents in the sheet metal, the body shop would have to pull the dents out and then sand and paint the affected area. Fast forward a few years, and paintless dent removal service is becoming a better option that eliminates the need to paint the car after the repairs are made.  Dent Removal The most common way to remove a dent from a panel on your car is to use a tool that pulls the dent out using a nail spot welded to the panel or by drilling a hole through the panel and pulling the dent with a dent puller. Read More 

3 Reasons Wheel Alignments Are Necessary For Commercial Fleets

13 July 2021
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Preventative maintenance is one of the essential ingredients to reducing the long-term costs of a commercial fleet. Deferring work until it reaches a critical stage often leads to more costly failures, significant downtime, and the potential for accidents that can injure drivers or other motorists. Wheel alignments are one of these essential services that can help reduce your fleet's repair costs. Unfortunately, keeping up with wheel alignments can be just as challenging for commercial fleet managers as for individual owners. Read More 

Don’t Be Leery Of Add-Ons When Getting New Tires — Here’s Why

8 June 2021
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Some people follow the advice of their mechanics, while others do not. Sometimes, it may seem that auto service mechanics are just giving you more work to do. However, most auto service shops only recommend additional services when they determine that there is a need for it.  One such follow-up question when taking your vehicle for new tires is: Would you like a wheel alignment? You should answer yes. Here's why. Read More