How To Get Inside Your Car After Breaking The Key

26 January 2023
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Keys can be surprisingly fragile. If you're not careful with your car key, you might accidentally break it and leave a broken piece of your key inside your car. If you aren't able to open and close your door using a key fob, you might find yourself trapped outside your car until a locksmith can arrive to repair your lock. However, there are fortunately emergency locksmiths who can get you inside your vehicle immediately. Read More 

Understanding And Diagnosing Lawn Mower Engine Oil Leaks

5 January 2023
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Oil leaks on any engine can be a major problem. Like your car's engine, your lawnmower's engine needs a sufficient oil supply for lubrication and cooling. Running a small engine with too little oil will rapidly produce internal damage that will likely be far more challenging and expensive to repair than a simple oil leak. Fortunately, it's usually relatively easy to spot oil leaks on a lawnmower. It's a good idea to give your mower a good cleaning several times per season, during which time you should check for signs of oil leakage above and below the deck. Read More