4 Things That Can Damage Your Car's Body

17 December 2015
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As a car owner, you want what is best for your car. Unfortunately, there are many things that will simply pass right over your head when you think about things that can cause damage to your car. Your car's body remains the most vulnerable spot on your car. It is, in many ways, like the exoskeleton of your vehicle. It is the strong outside that protects the vulnerable innards of your automobile. Like the innards, there are many things that might hurt your car's body that you simply don't even think of. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about 4 specific things you might not think of that will damage your car's body.


Although hail is a relatively uncommon weather phenomenon in most parts of the world, it is still something that can become quite real and wind up causing a significant amount of damage to your vehicle. Luckily, the steps it takes to protect your car from hail damage are quite easy. The easiest and most productive thing you can do to your vehicle is simply cover it with a tarp if you know that a hail storm is brewing in your area. A tarp can provide coverage for the entirety of your car and can wind up saving you a pretty penny on costly body repairs that can damage your car to a large extent.


Auto accidents are perhaps the most common form of how your car's body can become damaged. You can usually tell when your body has incurred damage after an accident, as most body damage is visible to the naked eye. Be on the look out for dents, dings, and scuff marks, and areas where the body is "totaled". Make sure that you take the time to examine a car thoroughly. Even if your car does not look like it has incurred any damage after a collision, it is highly recommended that you take your car into an auto body shop for an examination. An auto body specialist can tell you if any internal or "inner damage" has occurred to the body itself.

Heat Damage

Believe it or not, heat damage can be a potential cause of serious damage to your frame. Heat damage rarely occurs due to the temperature outside itself, but rather due to external sources. This means that if your car is near any sort of open flame or direct heat source, the body can wind up taking damage. The main type of damage that will occur to your body is that the paint will melt off of the body, which is not a particularly inexpensive fix. Heat can also melt the body itself if it is close to a direct or open heat source, which can set you back a pretty penny or two. Make sure that your car is parked in an area where it will not become susceptible to extreme sources of heat.

Cold Damage

Much like heat, your car's bumper can also suffer due to coldness. Cold damage can occur if a car's bumper is frosted over for an extended period of time. This can cause the car's bumper to become brittle, and can easily break and snap. It is highly recommended that you keep your car out of the cold or make sure that you drive it at least once a day to keep it sufficiently warm.

Body damage can be a serious problem when it comes to your car. Hopefully, this brief article has shed a bit of light on what can cause body damage so you can avoid it in the future.