Purchased An Older Car? Why You Better Keep Your Transmission Fluid Changed

7 June 2017
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If you just purchased an older car you need to take extra special care of it. This is because the parts are already older and some of these parts are very expensive to replace, such as the engine and transmission. Fortunately, you can keep your transmission running by keeping the fluid changed. Below are three benefits of doing this so you can keep your car in great shape.

Save Money

One of the biggest benefits of keeping your transmission fluid changed is that it can save you money. This is because there are contaminants in transmission fluid once it becomes dirty. Because the fluid consistently flows through the transmission system it is reintroducing these contaminants over and over through the transmission. This can affect the rate of flow, which can then in turn cause problems with shifting gears. For example, when you are driving and shift gears you will have a delay in you speed. Over time, the contaminants will cause the transmission to fail, which would result in an expensive replacement.

Keeps Your Engine Healthy

Your engine relies on the transmission fluid to keep it running healthy. This is because this fluid regulators the temperature of the engine, and if there is dirty transmission fluid or not enough of the fluid, the engine will overheat. This also causes problems with other engine parts, such as the head gaskets, O-rings, and cylinder blocks. In a case like this you would not only have to replace the transmission but must repair or replace the engine also.

Saves Gas

If dirty transmission fluid causes problem with your engine, your engine will have to work much harder to keep your car running. This extra work results in your car using more gas. Also, you may notice that your car surges, such as jumping forward and backward as you are driving. Every time your car surges it uses more gas.  An engine that runs healthy is simply more efficient and will use less gas while you are driving your car.

Changing your transmission fluid is very easy and something you can do on your own. If you are not sure how to do this, take your car to a mechanic. They can change the fluid for you, and show you how to do this on your own for the future. Keep a check on the fluid regularly so you know when it is time to change it. For more information, contact companies like B G & S Transmissions.