Auto Glass Care Tips Car Owners Frequently Neglect

19 June 2017
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Damage to a windshield can be a problem that will result in serious safety issues for anyone operating the car. Unfortunately, car owners will frequently be unaware of the problems and risks that a windshield will experience. In order to keep this vital piece of auto glass safe, car owners need to appreciate some basic guidelines.

Keep The Windshield Wipers Replaced

Windshield wipers are essential for allowing you to safely operate your car during rain. However, your windshield wipers will eventually need to be replaced as they will wear down due to intense use. If your windshield wipers are excessively worn, this can lead to deep scratches being left on your windshield. These scratches will make it very difficult for you to see. Furthermore, they can also impact the integrity of your glass. This is due to moisture being able to get into the scratches, and this can lead to the scratches growing into large cracks. By replacing your windshield wipers as soon as they start to show signs of wear, you will be better prepared to avoid this source of windshield damage.

Have Minor Damages Repaired As Soon As It Is Possible

There is simply no way to completely avoid damage to a windshield from airborne road debris. Fortunately, most small pieces of debris will only leave small or shallow cracks and chips. This may make it possible for you to repair these damages before they are able to spread. While there are glass repair kits that you can purchase, this work is best left to a professional as incorrectly completed auto glass repairs can leave streaks in the glass or the repair resin may not fully bond to the glass.

Be Careful When Thawing Your Windshield

Removing ice from the windshield can be a daily hassle during the winter months. Sadly, some people will routinely make the mistake of using warm water to melt any ice that has gathered on the glass. However, the sudden temperature change can weaken the glass. In fact, there will be a risk of the windshield shattering. When there is only a thin layer of ice over the glass, a simple ice scraper will likely be the best choice for removing it. However, if there are large or thick ice accumulations, it may be easier and more efficient to use deicing solutions that are designed for auto glass. These solutions will be able to rapidly melt the ice without needing to be warm, and this can greatly reduce the risk of damaging your glass when melting the ice.

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