Are Your Van Doors Stopping Or Jamming? What To Do

9 July 2017
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If the automatic doors on your van aren't sliding as smoothly as they used to be, and sometimes they get stuck or go in the reverse direction, it's time to get the automobile into a repair shop. There are some different things that you can be wrong with the van, but the components of the doors may just need to be cleaned and maintained. Here are some of the things to ask the auto repair professional about when you take in your van:

Are the Door Motor and Components Damaged?

The problem could be that the motor inside the door is damaged, or that the sensors are reading incorrectly. If the sensors are reading incorrectly than they could be picking up something in the path to shutting the door, preventing it from opening all the way, or closing. The mechanics can look at the internal components of the door to see what could be the source of the problems.

Will Cleaning and Lubrication Help?

If there are sand, dust, and debris crammed in the path where the door slides, or if the mechanical parts are getting rusted or run down, maintenance may help. The gears and components may need to be lubricated, and the area where the door slides may need to be blown out with an air compressor and inspected and cleaned.

Should the Entire Door be Replaced?

If there are several different things wrong with the door and components that help it open and close, it may be a better idea to have the entire door replaced. You'll want to talk with the professionals to see if they think that an investment in a new door is better than paying everyone to invest their money in the labor and parts to fix all the different problems with the door.

When you have a van and you depend on the easiness of the automatic doors, it's important to make sure the doors are opening and closing as needed. When the doors aren't working, or they are jamming, you can be stuck in a hurry with a door that won't work. Get the vehicle into an auto repair shop so you can find out what mechanical changes need to be made, and so you can find out what the cost will be. Compare the repair expenses with the investment of a new door to see what's best for you budget and vehicle. 

Talk to an auto repair shop for more information and assistance.