Manual Transmission & Gear Problems In A Semi-Trailer Truck

11 August 2017
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Driving a semi-trailer truck on the road with smaller vehicles creates the risk of a bad accident whether you are a professional or not. The reason why is because semi trucks are so large and can cause extensive damage, even if you are not in the wrong in a collision. When the manual transmission in a semi truck has problems, it creates an even bigger risk for an accident to occur. If your truck currently has a difficult time switching into different gears, it is a good sign of the transmission needing an inspection. Browse this article to learn about problems that can lead to gears not shifting easily.

1. The Clutch is in Bad Shape

The clutch in your truck is one of the key components that the manual transmission must have in order to function. The reason why is because the clutch has the responsibility of taking power from the engine so the transmission can use it. The gears are unable to shift properly unless the transmission works, so it is a good idea to get the clutch repaired if it is the problem. You might only need a part that is related to the clutch to get repaired, such as the petal. However, a mechanic can install a new clutch if it is simply worn out.

2. Transmission Fluid Leaks Out

Although your semi truck has a manual transmission inside of it, there is still a need for fluid just as with trucks that have automatic transmissions. Transmission fluid is needed because it helps to keep the hydraulic system working properly. Being that your truck has a clutch, the hydraulic system is important to keep it functional. If there is only a small amount of transmission fluid in your truck, it might be causing the clutch to stick, which leads to transmission and gear problems. Getting more fluid might resolve the gear problem.

3. A New Transmission is Needed

Unless your gears are just in bad shape and need to be changed, it is possible that the transmission is the problem. If the transmission is worn out, a mechanic might be able to rebuild it. You also have the option of purchasing a used or new transmission for the truck. Before replacing the transmission and possibly having to spend a lot of money, ask a mechanic for a computer diagnostics test to be performed on the truck. The test is a great way to pinpoint serious problems without unnecessary repairs being done.  

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