A Guide To Repairing And Replacing Your Windshield

13 September 2017
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If you are in need of a new windshield glass replacement from a contractor that can help you, it's important to understand the guidelines that will get you started. You'll be in a better position to hire an auto glass professional and replace your windshield on your terms when you contact a professional at a place like Coats Auto Body and Paint. Follow the tips below and contact an auto glass pro that can help you out. 

Look into the best auto glass replacement

You'll really get the most out of your auto glass work when you find a contractor that can look out for you. There are many auto glass pros available to you, so start by searching for the associations that staff the best around. Make sure that you get some references from auto body shops and auto glass professionals, to know that they are credible and that they have the best glass around. When possible, search for OEM auto glass, so that you can get a brand new windshield that will make your car better protected as you drive. Make sure to ask these auto glass professionals about their procedure -- which should include removing the broken glass and ensuring the new glass doesn't have pits or cracks. 

Start taking some auto glass replacement estimates

Your next step should be to find some auto glass replacement estimates that will help you pay for it within your budget. An auto glass replacement can cost you somewhere between $185 and $1,000. As you look into getting the best estimates, be sure that you are also receiving an itemized list of charges, to know exactly what is covered. For instance, you might want to spring for things like gloss, tinting and protective coating. Check around until you get about seven estimates on your windshield replacement. 

Take great care of your windshield replacement

After paying for your windshield replacement, you'll want to do your best to also maintain it. There are many steps you can follow to care for your windshield. For instance, make sure that you get cracks fixed as quickly as possible, so that it doesn't get worse. Be sure that you keep your vehicle parked in cool locations, as the sun can damage your glass after prolonged contact. Further, buy an insurance plan or an auto glass warranty to protect it. 

Use these keys and you'll be in great hands with your auto glass needs.