3 Guidelines For Porsche Collision Repair

15 September 2017
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When your Porsche happens to get hit by another vehicle, or otherwise endure body damage due to collision, you'll need to know how to take action in order to get your vehicle back on the road. You'll want to work hard to find a great shop, while understanding some important decisions and cost considerations. To this effect, make sure that you read below and use these points in order to get the most from your Porsche collision repair needs. 

Find a shop that handles Porsche body repairs

Because luxury car collision repair involves special parts, equipment and experience, you'll need to work with shops that specifically understand these automobiles. You'll be able to get the help that you need when you talk to shops that are certified to work on Porsche vehicles. They'll have access to the parts that will make your specific model look as good as new -- whether you have a 911, Panamera or Boxter. It's crucial that you work hard until you find a shop that has access to the right parts, because Porsche vehicles are made with much higher quality parts, so you don't want to replace them with subpar materials. 

Start taking bids on your auto collision work

The more bids you take on your Porsche collision repair, the more likely you are to find a price that you can agree with. Start by seeking as many price quotes as possible until you are satisfied with the collection and able to compare among different shops. You should also ask for some references to know that you are getting the craftsmanship that you need from a shop that pays close attention to detail. The difference in price estimates can be several thousand dollars, so take your time until you find the right quote. Further, contact your auto insurance provider to get recommendations on shops that they work with. 

Don't forget about the paint work

Auto body collision work is one thing, but you'll also need access to quality paint work. Getting your vehicle painted by a shop that has access to your original Porsche paint colors will make your vehicle look as good as new. This paint work can cost as much as $7,500 on a vehicle of this calibre, so be sure that you have your financing in order and shop with auto body shops that can give you a great deal on paint as well. 

Use these tips to fix your Porsche and get it back on the road as quickly as possible.