4 Ways To Save Money On A Rental Car

2 October 2017
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Renting a car may become a necessity in many types of situations. For example, you are traveling to an area where you need your own transportation whether it be because you have kids or you need to save yourself time getting to and from places for business reasons. You may even need a rental car because you were in a car accident where your car was badly damaged or totaled. Whatever the case, you should consider these four ways to help you save money on a rental car:

  1. Adjust Pick Up and Drop Off if You Can: To get better rates, you may want to adjust the pick up and drop off days and times if you are able to. Even the time you drop off and pick up time alone can be adjusted to save you money. If you are able to avoid the weekends, this is also a great way to save money since weekends are the most expensive time to use a rental car. 
  2. Use a Small Car: Another thing you can do is use a small car instead of a larger one. You should also book in advance so that you have more options as far as vehicle types go. Booking a larger car is almost always going to be more expensive. It's also going to be more expensive the more features that the car has. Basically, you should book the vehicle that is going to keep you comfortable on your travels, but don't go overboard. 
  3. Rent Away from the Airport: If you can help it, you might want to consider renting a vehicle from a location that isn't near the airport. The rates in these areas are almost always going to be higher. While it's convenient if you are coming in from the airport and can grab a quick shuttle to this area, it's sometimes more worth it to pay for a taxi or Uber to take you to another location that is further away. 
  4. ​Choose the Unlimited Mileage Option: If you need to tack on a lot of miles to the vehicle, you want to choose the option to have unlimited mileage. Paying the extra for this service on your rental car is going to be worth avoiding mileage fees when you drop it off. 

With these little bit of extra ways to save, you can easily make the fact that you need a rental car easier on yourself financially.