4 Signs Your Transmission Is In Need Of Repair

25 January 2019
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Your vehicle's transmission is complex. With so many components that connect with each other, transmission repair can be needed as soon as a problem arises. Therefore, it is imperative that you be familiar with the various signs of transmission trouble so that you can get your vehicle to the nearest transmission repair shop. Here are four signs that your transmission is in need of repair.

Sign #1: Weird Sounds

All vehicles can make a little noise now and then, but if you hear something that is unusual like whining, screeching, whistling, or clunking, then you know something is wrong somewhere. If the sound is coming from the transmission, then it is that much more important that you get your vehicle to an auto repair shop as soon as possible. There is likely a part somewhere in the transmission that is wearing down or possibly completely broken and needs to be replaced.

Sign #2: Burnt Smell

If you notice a burnt smell while driving, it could be coming from any part of the vehicle. However, more often than not, the burnt smell is coming from the motor or the transmission—often as a result of one of them overheating. With the transmission, it is generally because the transmission fluid is overheating due to the fluids being too low and needing to be replenished or the fluid has degraded and needs to be replaced.

Sign #3: Awkward Shifts

Your vehicle should have no problem shifting on a regular basis, and it should shift smoothly. If your vehicle feels like it is jumping, slipping, grinding, or delaying in its shifts, then there is a problem. With a manual transmission, it may be the gear synchronizers or the clutch. Regardless, it needs to be checked out sooner rather than later.

Sign #4: Leaking Fluid

No fluid should ever be leaking from your vehicle, so if you notice that there is fluid leaking underneath your vehicle, you need to perform an inspection. Transmission fluid is a reddish color, so if you see transmission fluid on the driveway or your garage floor, then a transmission repair mechanic needs to take a look at your vehicle immediately. The cause could be a punctured transmission fluid pan, cracked transmission fluid line, or a loose/broken seal.

If you notice any of the aforementioned transmission issues, you need to find a transmission repair shop as soon as possible and have your vehicle inspected and repaired.