Dump Trailer Businesses

30 October 2019
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Many people would never consider their next business involving a dump trailer because they envision dump trailers as trailers that only deal with garbage. Therefore, if they don't want a future dealing with garbage hauls, then they have no interest in dump trailers. However, there are many different uses for a dump trailer that make great careers for those looking for a career in service. Here are some of those uses:

Landscape transportation – Landscapers tend to the landscaping wants and needs of their clients. Those needs can include adding tons of gravel to their landscape, bringing in boulders, things that require tons of dirt, or many other things that can be brought in with the use of a dump trailer. You can take on jobs like this should you start your own dump trailer transportation business. This is also one of those types of businesses that you can gain loyal customers with easily by offering great service to local landscapers and giving them comparable prices. A great way to advertise is by setting your business cards up at landscape supply stores.

Snow removal – If you live in an area where large snow dumps happen, then there will always be someone who needs someone else to come remove the snow from their driveway or parking lot. While snow removal is a seasonal business, keep in mind that you can also do any other type of business with your dump trailer that you want during the off-season or anytime when you aren't taking care of those snow removal jobs.

Construction site material transportation – You can open a business whose focus is on transporting the materials for construction sites. These materials can include things like lumber, gravel, bags of concrete, roofing materials, etc. You can also transport construction materials from a tear-off to the dump for the construction company.

Junk hauling – Junk hauling may sound a lot like garbage hauling, but it is much different. When you haul junk you generally will be hauling things like scrap metal or boxes of junk someone wants to be removed from their property for any kind of reason. However, it won't be garbage that can include things like rotten foods or bags full of dog feces.


Now that you see the different ways you can make money with a dump trailer, you may decide to go this route. If this is the case, make sure you do your research and buy the right dump trailer for your needs.