Don't Be Leery Of Add-Ons When Getting New Tires — Here's Why

8 June 2021
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Some people follow the advice of their mechanics, while others do not. Sometimes, it may seem that auto service mechanics are just giving you more work to do. However, most auto service shops only recommend additional services when they determine that there is a need for it. 

One such follow-up question when taking your vehicle for new tires is: Would you like a wheel alignment? You should answer yes. Here's why. 

Bad Wheel Alignment Can Cause Bad Tires

When you get new tires on your vehicle, getting an alignment at the same time simply makes sense because doing so can save you money in the long run by cutting down on the wear and tear on your new tires and improving your vehicle's gas consumption. 

Any time you've driven on rough roads, hit potholes, or driven into a curb, the alignment can change, even ever so slightly. Add all those instances up, and your wheels can easily be out of alignment. Actually, if the reason you're replacing your tires is due to uneven wear, that's an obvious sign of a bad alignment. 

Your Vehicle Could Become Dangerous to Drive

The wheels of your vehicle are connected to the suspension system. If you have a bad wheel alignment, it could affect your suspension, which consists of struts and shocks. When the wheel alignment is way off, the suspension has to essentially compensate for it. However, it can only take so much until the parts of the suspension get so worn that the vehicle becomes difficult and possibly dangerous to drive. Here are some things you may notice if your wheel alignment is off:

  • rough and bumpy rides
  • difficulty steering
  • vehicle pulls and drifts
  • steering wheel feels loose

If you've been experiencing these types of problems, don't be surprised when your mechanic returns to you and recommends that you have the struts and shocks replaced as well. 

Make Appointment for a Future Tire Balancing

After the work on your vehicle is complete and you ae paying for the services and getting your keys back, the mechanic may recommend that you make an appointment for a tire balancing and rotation  serviceat some point in the future. Tire balancing and rotation can help keep your wheel alignment in good condition, which in turn will help keep your vehicle's suspension in good condition and you and your family safe on the roadways. 

Contact a company like East Bay Tire Co. to learn more about the benefits of wheel alignment.