4 Pro Repair Tips For Top Issues That Affect Semi Trucks

28 January 2022
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Compared to regular passenger vehicles, semi-trucks are more complicated mechanically. The additional intricacies in their systems mean that they often experience complex problems on the road, and fixing them can be challenging, even when you have been a driver for years. Therefore, it is still good to know all the tell-tale signs of trouble to help you know when there is an imminent breakdown. Here are four tips to help you deal with the most common semi-truck problems. 

When the Brakes are Faulty

Faulty brakes are a leading cause of semi-trailer crashes. The vehicle braking system has several parts that work together. The systems use compressed air to control the movement of the entire vehicle. With time, wear and tear damage the brake pads. When you ignore the tear of the brake pads, it extends to the rotors. You should check the vehicle's braking system before every trip to ensure the shoes, cables, and drums are in excellent working condition. If you notice weaknesses and damage in these parts, call an auto mechanic to help you manage the repairs. 

Engine System Failure

The engine runs the truck. You might have to replace the entire unit if it starts developing complications. One of the common indicators that all is not well with the engine is when it starts overheating. Additionally, you might notice that the check engine light is blinking on the dashboard, which indicates that you have engine trouble. You should hire a competent auto mechanic to assess whether it is overheating because of fluid issues, dirty filters, or mechanical problems with the fuel injectors. They will repair and replace any malfunctioned components. 

Failure of the Suspension System

The suspension is another system that determines the truck's stability and safety on the road. A functional suspension system helps your truck wheels handle the vehicle's weight, regardless of the conditions on the road. When the suspension system fails, maneuvering the semi becomes extremely hard. Get the system checked regularly to ensure it stays functional and that you avoid incidences on the road. 

Problems with the Tires

Truck tires are typically heavy-duty because of the weight they support. Still, they wear out faster than others. It is advisable to have them rotated, checked for pressure, and treadwear regularly for safety on the road.

You should always be on the lookout for signs of truck problems and call an auto mechanic when you need to make repairs. With their help, your semis will always be safe on the road.  

For more information, contact a semi-truck repair service in your area.