Installing A Frameless Shower Door? 4 Factors That Influence The Price

19 July 2022
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Going from conventional bathroom curtains to modern glass shower doors is undoubtedly exciting. The door will add value and aesthetic appeal to your home's bathroom. If you have already decided to go with the frameless option, you might want to look for something that lies within your budget. So, what factors affect your frameless shower installation project? Take a look at factors determining the cost of installing glass shower doors.

1. Sizing Requirements

Frameless doors are known to increase spaces virtually. However, the available space in your bathroom will affect the size of your shower door. If you are going for a big door, the materials will be costly, and the fitting quotation might be relatively high. Large glass doors have long edges and accessories that require skills to ensure proper installation. This can drive up the price.

2. Tailor-Made Vs. Pre-Fabricated

Customized doors allow you to choose specific details that match your shower enclosures. You can choose to combine several panels, choose unique shades, and use different hardware accessories to get a style that suits your bathroom.

Before going with the customized options, it's essential to understand that they are typically pricier than the pre-fabricated options. The more complicated a design is, the more money you'll need to spend. Other features like wet room effects and extra glass protection can spike the cost of the customized shower door.

3. Door Thickness

Frameless doors are often thicker than their framed counterparts. The extra thickness goes to ensure the door's strength and durability. Semi-frameless doors have reinforced framing around the corners to provide the structure with more stability. If you are concerned about the door's stability, your contractor might recommend purchasing the thickest glass door on the market. However, the thicker the glass, the more cash you will likely pay.

4. Installation Charges

Due to the delicate nature of glass, you are advised to hire professionals when fixing the frameless glass shower door. The cost of installing the door will vary depending on the installer and the type of shower door. For instance, fixing a sliding door might be easier and quicker than installing a folding or pivoting door. In that case, the installer will charge more if the shower door style is complicated and takes more time to complete the project. However, working with a reliable installation specialist ensures you enjoy quality services.

Fitting a glass shower door requires proper planning. The factors above will determine how much you spend on the glass shower door project. Remember to consult a seasoned installation contractor to help you achieve outstanding results.