Learn Important Information About Your Windshield And Possible Replacement

27 October 2022
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There are some cases where your auto glass may have flaws that are more cosmetic and therefore won't affect its integrity or functioning. There can also be very minimal damage that can be fixed with repairs. However, when there are things going on that require auto glass replacement, these are things that require immediate attention. You should have glass in this condition replaced right away. In this article, you will find some of the reasons for auto glass replacement

You have been involved in a car accident

There are a lot of car parts that are designed to break away on impact in order to minimize the blow. This is the same with your windshield. The glass has a protective coating to prevent it from shattering and causing serious injuries. 

However, this doesn't mean the windshield didn't endure enough damage in the accident that its integrity has now been compromised. If you are involved in an accident where there has been substantial damage to your car and the windshield doesn't show signs of damage, you may still want to have it replaced anyway. 

There are significant cracks

If you have cracks in the windshield, then you should have them checked out. If they are very small and not located in certain areas, then they might be repairable. However, if they are larger, they appear to be spreading, or they are located in certain areas, then you'll be told it's best to replace the windshield. When you receive news like this, you should have the work done right away so that you know you are driving a sound car.

The windshield is showing signs of problems that can affect its integrity

There are many other signs that can indicate there are problems with the windshield, besides visible cracks. One thing that can indicate the windshield may need to be replaced is seeing water leaking inside the car from around the windshield. This indicates the windshield isn't fitting as tightly as it should. Another sign that you should take your car in to replace the windshield is hearing wind that seems to be coming from the windshield area of the car. If this is proven to be the case, they can replace the windshield for you. If the sound is originating from somewhere else, they can determine this for you and set your mind at ease. One more thing that can indicate the need for a new windshield is hearing it vibrate while you're driving.