Wheel Alignment: Do You Need It?

28 November 2022
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If you need a wheel alignment, it's wise to have this service done before your car starts to get entirely out of alignment. When your car is in need of service, it often lets you know in advance. For example, if you need brake service, your brakes will be slow to respond and may squeal or make a rattling sound.

Your car will communicate with you in its own way if it's in need of a wheel alignment or another service. Here's a guide to help you learn if your car needs wheel alignment or not, and if you do, it's best to see an auto service specialist right away.

Your car is pulling in one direction or another

When you drive, does your car pull to the right or to the left? Do you have to hold onto the steering wheel extra tight to keep the vehicle going straight, or can you manage your car just fine? If you let your steering wheel go just a little bit, or just loosen your grip on it on an empty road going slow speeds, does your car start to veer off the road? If you don't take your car into an auto service specialist to see what is going on with your car, the issue is going to continue and you may end up damaging your tires, which will be explained further below.

Your car's tires are starting to look bare

Are your tires starting to look unevenly worn out? If so, it may be your alignment to blame. Wheel alignment determines how straight your tires are, so if they are not entirely aligned, they may rub on the wheel base and cause uneven friction and make your tires look bare. Your tires will wear out more frequently and may even have a blowout if you don't get them replaced and don't have your wheel alignment checked.

If your wheel alignment isn't checked periodically, then you may end up damaging your wheels or even your entire vehicle's frame. A tire rotation is not the same as a wheel alignment, so you have to ask for this service specifically. Your wheel alignment specialist will check your car's alignment and correct it as needed. You may have to have this done several times throughout the ownership of your car.

Your wheel alignment is an important part of your vehicle's functionality. If you need a wheel alignment done, call your auto mechanic to schedule an appointment today.

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