How To Get Inside Your Car After Breaking The Key

26 January 2023
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Keys can be surprisingly fragile. If you're not careful with your car key, you might accidentally break it and leave a broken piece of your key inside your car. If you aren't able to open and close your door using a key fob, you might find yourself trapped outside your car until a locksmith can arrive to repair your lock. However, there are fortunately emergency locksmiths who can get you inside your vehicle immediately. Here are some DIY methods you can use until a locksmith shows up.

Grab a Pair of Tweezers

You might try to extract the key from the lock using a pair of tweezers. However, unless you can manage to get a good enough grip on the key, you won't have a lot of luck removing the broken piece. You might not even be able to turn the key.

Try a Screwdriver

You might also be able to get inside your vehicle with a flathead screwdriver. You'll need to insert the flathead in the gap between the key and the lock and you'll need enough friction to be able to turn the key. Even if you are able to get inside, you'll have to leave the door unlocked or rely on tweezers to open the door. Anyone will be able to get inside.

Be Careful Not to Break the Lock

Even if you feel like you can unlock the door yourself, any efforts you make to try to remove the key or manipulate the lock can cause the lock itself to become damaged. If the lock is damaged badly enough, you might not be able to get inside at all and will need to replace the entire lock.

Find Out if an Emergency Car Locksmith is Nearby

In some cases, the only way you'll be able to get inside your car and secure your vehicle is to contact an emergency locksmith. These services are available 24 hours a day and will arrive at most locations very quickly. This is because they have mobile trucks that are filled with all the equipment they need to successfully repair a car door lock.

The emergency locksmith will remove the broken piece of key from the lock. They will then perform an inspection on the lock to make sure that it is still in good condition. They will replace the lock if necessary. They can also create a new key right there and you'll be able to use it to get inside your car and drive away. For more information, contact an emergency car locksmith near you.