Maintaining The Brakes In Your Car Or Truck To Extend Thier Service Life

20 March 2023
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The brakes in most cars and trucks have many moving parts critical to the system. Repair shops that offer brake services can help ensure you get the most from your brakes through brake maintenance and preventative care for brake parts in the system before they fail or become a problem. 

Brake Performance

One of the easiest ways to determine if you need brake services is by driving your car and paying attention to the brake performance. When the brake pads start to wear, the brake performance may change significantly. Often it will take longer to stop your car, you may feel vibrations when braking, and sometimes the brakes will smell hot when using them. 

Taking the car to a brake repair shop when you notice a change in the brake system performance is vital. Sometimes it can be the difference between an inexpensive repair and a system that fails when needed. However, most shops offering brake services will inspect the system for free if you make an appointment and then recommend any repairs necessary to ensure the system works correctly.

Replacement parts are available for most cars and trucks and are not difficult to install. However, the longer you drive with marginal brakes, the more potential there is that it will cause significant damage that will add to the repair cost. 

Brake Services

Replacing the brake pads on your vehicle regularly can have a significant impact on the cost of brake repair. As brake pads wear, they can cause some damage to the rotors they ride on.

The heat generated in the brake system can sometimes cause the brake rotors to warp, and the wear on the brake pads can change, causing them to amplify the problem. However, if the technician servicing your brakes finds this problem early, they can often remove the rotors and turn them on a lathe, removing the warp and restoring the rotors to near-new condition.

Because each part in the system interacts with other components, brake services often focus on the entire system instead of the single parts. Changing a set of brake pads, turning the rotors, or flushing the fluid and replacing it are all examples of simple brake services that can change how the system works and reduce the chances of a brake system failure that could leave you stranded on the road. 

Taking your car to the shop anytime something feels off is a good place to start. The time it takes to inspect the system and replace a defective or worn part may be time well spent, and when you need your vehicle, the last thing you want is to be waiting for a tow truck because it broke down or the brakes are not working correctly.