Getting The Most From Your Automatic Transmission With Regular Maintenance And Repair

25 July 2023
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The automatic transmission in your car or truck is durable enough to last a long time with limited transmission repair, but following a maintenance schedule can extend the service life even further. Changing dirty filters, checking the fluid level and condition, and checking for leaks can help ensure the transmission works correctly and helps reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns. Taking your vehicle to a transmission repair shop for service is often your best option when things go wrong, and finding one you are comfortable with is a good place to start. 

Signs And Warnings

There are several things you may notice when your transmission needs service. The first is a lack of performance in the form of poor shifting, slipping, or overheating in the transmission. 

When you notice the car hesitating when accelerating from a stop, failing to shift from one gear to the next, or running hot, you need to take the car in for transmission repair. The tech at the repair shop will run a full diagnostic on the vehicle and let you know what they found wrong. 

Many times something as simple as low transmission fluid can cause issues, but if the problem is more significant, putting off servicing the vehicle can allow the problem to get worse and cause damage that is harder and more expensive to repair. 

In some vehicles, a warning light may light up on the dashboard to indicate an issue, but the light will only indicate an issue, so the vehicle will still need service to determine what is causing the warning.

Service And Repair

When you need to take your car in for transmission repair or service, it is essential to find a shop near you that you are comfortable working with. Check out the reviews for the shop to get an idea of what other people's experience with them has been. 

Often a shop specializing in transmission repair will do other auto repair work, but finding one that only deals with transmissions, transfer cases, and gearboxes can sometimes be a better way to ensure you are getting the most knowledgeable techs working on your car.

If several shops in the area can do the work for you, take your car in for an estimate at each one and compare the diagnosis and pricing between the shops. The diagnosis should be the same, and the cost similar between all the shops specializing in transmission repair. 

If one shop stands out because they are charging more or diagnose the car with a different issue, you may want to talk to them about what they found that the others did not during the diagnosis process.  

To learn more about transmission repair, contact a professional near you.